Sep 22, 2010


From eyeing possible seat vacaters to nodding off holding your satchel, the metro ride is a study in abstract art. The crazed crowds in the metro mega station where all trains converge to the sheer contrast of the wind blown emptiness of a train heading home late in the evening. I can't make up my mind about the metro, sometimes I feel it is a wake up call to open my mind to the diversity of human kind and sometimes I feel it is a crushing force that stuns you by its whims and vagaries.

The metro in Delhi is like a force of nature, and we the metronomes who ride the metro are slaves to its mesmerising power.  

Posting via email

Yup, this one's posted via email. 

It's very simple, just log into your blogger account, go to settings and then click on the email and mobile tab. You will then find an option to complete the name of the email account where you will have to send an email to, to post automatically on your blog. Now, put in your 'SecretWord' and then from any email account at all, just send in the email. 

If your email account tends to add some extra bits of stuff at the bottom of the email, just add #END at the end of your post.

We'll I am testing this out so lets see how it goes!