Jan 24, 2014

What will the final perfect social network be?

The internet is getting faster, we are sharing better, the mobile space is helping us share better. We can stay connected every moment of our lives. The means of staying connected and sharing is getting better and faster.

We started with phone calls, then emails, SMS texts, photographs, then videos, live video chatting through the web and mobile devices, we have iPad facetime, Google glass is here, we can even send smells across mobile phones now, holographic images will soon start getting projected by mobile devices.

It’s all getting better and faster and more real. So where will it end? What will happen when social media, sharing and connecting achieve technological perfection.

Will we achieve ultra-human connectivity? Social connectivity that is going to be much better than the real thing. We won’t need to do anything to connect and share, just let our brains work. We will live connected and share perfectly without needing to actually get our delicate hands soiled.

Jan 9, 2014

Dude, where’s my soul?

Every new generation that comes along is getting more materialistic. As a natural consequence, the world is becoming a colder place.

The bonfires of kind people are getting further and further apart. Not because people are not kind and good anymore, but because kindness and goodness seem to be old fashioned (#kindness needs to trend on twitter). Well, kindness may go out of fashion, materialism may go out of fashion, the internet may go out of fashion, but dudes, the soul will stay.

In this whole shebang of digital, connected, gizmo, smart, apps, brands et al, we are all forgetting our souls, those invisible unknowable entities that speak through our conscience. The young have to remember that they are not here just to make money and buy things, they are here to live happy fulfilling lives (and there’s no real happiness if your soul ain’t happy).

So dude, ask yourself every once in a while, hey where’s my soul?

Jan 2, 2014

I WAS SOOOO WRONG (see highlighted text in this post) - Uruguay’s ‘Arvind Kejriwal’, President José Mujica, has been running the country since 2010. When will India’s Arvind Kejriwal run the country?

Uruguayan President José Mujica, seen in this photograph at the swearing in ceremony of his finance minister, gives away 90% of his $12,000 salary to charitable organisations that help poor people and small entrepreneurs. He has declined to live in the opulent presidential palace or use its staff, and instead lives in a small one-bedroom apartment and drives an old Beetle. He's often called ‘the world's poorest president’.

He cares deeply about economic inequality and even as the president of a major nation, he is making tremendous efforts to lead by example. He has been consistently winning praise from his countrymen and the world for his reform efforts, and has taken bold political decisions like legalising marijuana.

Mujica can be compared to India’s Arvind Kejriwal of the Aam Aadmi Party, WAS I WRONG - ARVIND KEJRIWAL IS ATROCIOUS AND PATHETIC - and Mujica has been successfully running the country for three years and is going strong.

Mujica is 78, Arvind Kejriwal is 45. Am I being over optimistic in thinking that if Uruguay can do it, so can India? PHEW WAS I WRONG - GOD SAVE US FROM ARVIND KEJRIWAL!