Sep 27, 2013

Where will Syria's chemical warfare stop?

What if every Government which feels threatened decides to use chemical weapons against those who oppose it.

This is the simple question that is being discussed now by the nations of the world. France, UK and USA want to take action against Syria for using chemical weapons. If you want a quick update on what is happening take a look at this short video on the current state of affairs by clicking here or by copying and pasting this url - to your address bar.


Sep 25, 2013


Everywhere. Yes everywhere, all I see is social media, sharing, connecting, sharing and more sharing and even more sharing.

What if you don't want to share. Who the hell is sharing every millisecond of their lives anyway? Ahem... yeah ok some people are.

Does it mean that those who don't share are out of sync, not tuned in to what is happening and what will happen. Not really.

Anti-social is fine. Be yourself. And for heaven's sake, stop this bloody incessant screaming, advertising, communicating and subliminally forcing upon all of us. About sharing, sharing and sharing.

PS- I hope you like this post that I have 'shared' :)

Sep 20, 2013

A Chinese 300X300 pixels ad that can show more information than any other ad that I have seen.

It is a simple innovation. It was an ad for a Chinese university and I saw it on the Economist website.

Here’s what they did - they put a scroll within the square display ad. The text was larger than the size of the ad so you could scroll and read the entire text using a scroll bar within the ad. Which means that if you want, you can fit in the entire contents of a website in that small square ad… wow!

By the way when I went back to look for it on the Economist website I couldn't find it again. If any of you come across the ad (ugly and inconspicuous but unmissable placement on the right side) please share a link in the comments.
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