Nov 24, 2008

Pain.. !

The pain of not being able to paint... not wanting to paint... not feeling inspired to paint... pain, pain, painting!

A frivolous end I seek
My will a creature meek

The skies above overcast
My spirits at half mast

But the Good Lord sees all
And I can hear a distant call

Nov 13, 2008

An art-ilosophical question!

For someone who wants to paint free, i.e. without any motive of greatness, money, fame or ego-satisfaction, will it be better to:

1) Paint what he/she wants to do momentarily with speed and quick results


2) Paint with great deliberation and great attention to detail so as to perfectly recreate the image inside his/her head.

The question being if one paints with great effort and attention to detail, is one bound by the fineness of the painting, thus making one an 'un-free' painter.

All comments and answers from anyone, are very welcome!


Nov 4, 2008