Dec 27, 2013

687 traits of highly successful people - the ultimate list!

687 unique and overlapping traits of successful people in lists of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 20, 25, 27 and 30.

Just click on the screenshots to go to the complete list page. Here are all 687 of them, go ahead and start being highly successful this new year, after reading them all:



 13 Characteristics of Successful People.pdf
13 Characteristics of Successful People.pdf



Nov 9, 2013

Guess how many of China's over 3000 TV stations aren't run by the Chinese Government?

The answer is zero.

Every single TV station in China is run by the state and is allowed to only telecast pre-approved and sanitized programmes, films and content.

To give you an idea about what is censored, they have recently asked episodes of  a long-running children's cartoon called 'Pleasant Goat and the Big Big Wolf' to be censored because of violence.

Freedom of speech and seems to be so severely curbed for the Chinese people. One the one hand it is becoming an economic superpower and on the other hand it is inside an impregnable shell that does not allow the Chinese people truly integrate with the rest of the world.

Time for some change I feel. When it will happen, can only be answered by Mr. Wen!

Oct 21, 2013

And you thought a good youtube video that goes viral is just a piece of creative laxation!

Without getting into too much blah blah about creative angst etc. etc. let’s just get down to the facts.

A youtube video about a new product by an unknown company went viral and has resulted in, as per their own website, this:

Our new YouTube video has constipated our shipping system. In one week traffic on our website increased over 13,000% Holy crap, right! We are working day and night, but please give us up to 2 weeks to get your PooPourri shipment out the door. Make sure to order now to get in line!
The Poo Crew

Yes that is right, a 13,000% increase and such incredible sales that they cannot ever hope to keep up.

The video could have been anything, a classic demo video showing comparison between products, a film showing people delighted by the new aromas replacing the bad ones, using a powerful 30% off offer as the selling point, but…. they chose a route that was completely different and unconventional and in a way radical.

I am sure you want to have a look at it. Here it is:

Happy poo pourrieing!

Oct 15, 2013

Vital new business meeting etiquette - #1 You can be late for a meeting by one attosecond, but DEFINITELY CANNOT be late by one yottasecond!

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An attosecond is one quintillionth of a second or 0.000000000000000001 seconds.

A yottasecond is 32 quadrillion years or 32,000,000,000,000,000 years.

Try imagining both these units of time. How many attoseconds did it take you to imagine it? Or better still how many yottaseconds did it take you?

And the next time you don’t want to attend a business meeting, just tell them that you might be late by a yottasecond. You would have told them the truth and you won’t have to attend the meeting, at least in this lifetime!

Oct 9, 2013

Other tea brands help you to fall ill a lot, but this tea helps you to fall ill less!

This ad is well meaning, and in all probability you will understand that it is selling a tea that stops you from falling ill, but it could very well sound like an ad for a tea that helps you fall ill less, compared to other tea brands that make you fall ill a lot more.

The reason may be that the client wanted the word ‘proven’ in the headline, and also 'India's only' and wanted to say it in a roundabout way.

However their attempt looks clumsy, people might start associating it with falling ill – India’s only tea proven to help you fall ill less often!

As always these are only my views and I may be totally wrong J

Oct 7, 2013

The US Govt. shutdown simplified

The most radical members of the Republican Party (Grand Old Party/GOP) decided that since they do not have the votes to achieve their aims and policies, they should use their power to shut down the US Govt. as a way of forcing the Obama Govt. (Democratic Party) to fulfill their demands.

It boils down to the Republican Party threatening to cause untold problems for the US economy and its people just to get their way.

In the entire shutdown drama the Obama Govt. is asking for nothing.

The Republican Party is asking for shutting down the healthcare of Americans (Obamacare) and several other budgetary demands besides, which cannot be achieved under normal circumstances.

This is what I have gathered from various online sources, if I have missed something or am not correct on some aspect, please feel free to add a comment, and I will make a change in the post.

The huge Twenty Four Seven Convenience Store ad that you can’t see!

Many clients feel that if they have paid for space in a newspaper or on a website, they have to use each and every bit of it fully and completely. And what better way to use the space than to make your logo big, bigger and biggest.

This Twenty Four Seven Convenience Store ad that I saw today in the newspaper made its logo so large and filled its ad with so many things that you don’t actually see it, unless you really focus on it and make an effort. They filled it with big illustrations, loads of information, bright colours and everything that they could pack into the space that they had bought, so that you ended up with a piece of communication that, well couldn't be seen.

The only thing that I noticed when I saw the ad first was this alien like illustration of a man owl in festival clothes. But then after seeing it a few times (because I was so intrigued by its absurdity) I realised that they are a man owl and woman owl because the logo of Twenty Four Seven is an owl.

Then I also noticed that they had written about their ‘Operational stores’ signifying that several of the stores are non-operational… who would like to go to such stores!!

So if you want to make a high impact ad that your viewers won’t actually be able to see, make one just like this one.

Please note that all this is just my opinion and I may be totally wrong J

Oct 5, 2013

US shutdown after 17 years - SHOCKING! Indian parliament loses 42% time in pandemonium – NORMAL!

The Lok Sabha, the august gathering of India’s elected leaders and parliamentarians, which discusses and passes bills and amendments, spends most of its time in pandemonium and adjournments. The speaker of the House Meira Kumar, a relatively gentle lady, spends most of her time pleading to the honourable parliamentarians to ‘please sit down… please sit down’, ‘please quiet down… please quiet down’, ‘your turn will come… your turn will come’, ‘sit down… sit down… sit down’.

Many people watch the Lok Sabha live telecast as it is more entertaining than the most popular television serials.

And please note this is not an opinion, here is an article from a leading Indian daily the Indian express that has all the ‘normal’ numbers of how much time the Indian Parliament actually spends in doing productive work. You will be shocked!

Read it here - Parliament disruptions and more disruptions...

Oct 4, 2013

Hencedes Benz or Mercedes Henz?

It notched four and a half million youtube views in a couple of days (may have gone up by the time you read this). Its a commercial for Mercedes Benz. Watch it below... now!

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How a spray helps you see a naked girl.

Ok, let me say this right away, I haven’t really ‘discovered’ this banner ad, it was there amongst several web banners in a post called '50 Incredibly Creative Online Banner Ads' on a website called
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What I liked about this particular web banner is 1. The naked girl and 2. The incredibly strong product/benefit demo.

Click on the image of the web banner below, to see it in action!!

The golden ratio that is seen in corporate logos and in nature.

It’s called the golden ratio and also the divine ratio, and its discovery lies thousands of years back when Brahmagupta described the series made by adding one number to the next, to form the next number and so on.

To explain, we start with 0 then 1, then (0+1)=1, then (1+1) 2, then (1+2)=3,  then (2+3)=5, then (3+5)=8, then (8+5)=13 and so on.

This same series was introduced to the Western world by the Italian mathematician Fibonacci as the Fibonacci series – 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34…

Then the German physicist and psychologist Gustav Theodor Fechner proposed that the ratio between the numbers of this series defines the balance in nature. Which means that the ratios 5/3, 8/5, 13/8 and so on defines the balance of nature, which comes to 1.618

This then is the signature of God in nature and a ratio that has also been used in designing everything from logos to architectural marvels – 1.618 !

Some logos that use the golden ratio are:

Logo images courtesy

And here is a beautiful film that shows how the golden ratio operates in nature:

It is a captivating ratio, and I will certainly try and find it in beautiful things around me.

Oct 1, 2013

Is Supertech looking London talking Tokyo?

Saw the Supertech logo on a huge hoarding near Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, and felt that something wasn’t right.

A little later I figured it out. It was because the logo of Supertech was directly inspired by the Superman logo. However the baseline was talking about something that has no association with the qualities that Superman or any superhero stands for.

The line with the logo says ‘Yours for life’.

How does Superman or a superhero connect with ‘Yours for life’?

It doesn't and that’s why I was feeling a disconnect. What do you think the baseline should say?

Sep 27, 2013

Where will Syria's chemical warfare stop?

What if every Government which feels threatened decides to use chemical weapons against those who oppose it.

This is the simple question that is being discussed now by the nations of the world. France, UK and USA want to take action against Syria for using chemical weapons. If you want a quick update on what is happening take a look at this short video on the current state of affairs by clicking here or by copying and pasting this url - to your address bar.


Sep 25, 2013


Everywhere. Yes everywhere, all I see is social media, sharing, connecting, sharing and more sharing and even more sharing.

What if you don't want to share. Who the hell is sharing every millisecond of their lives anyway? Ahem... yeah ok some people are.

Does it mean that those who don't share are out of sync, not tuned in to what is happening and what will happen. Not really.

Anti-social is fine. Be yourself. And for heaven's sake, stop this bloody incessant screaming, advertising, communicating and subliminally forcing upon all of us. About sharing, sharing and sharing.

PS- I hope you like this post that I have 'shared' :)

Sep 20, 2013

A Chinese 300X300 pixels ad that can show more information than any other ad that I have seen.

It is a simple innovation. It was an ad for a Chinese university and I saw it on the Economist website.

Here’s what they did - they put a scroll within the square display ad. The text was larger than the size of the ad so you could scroll and read the entire text using a scroll bar within the ad. Which means that if you want, you can fit in the entire contents of a website in that small square ad… wow!

By the way when I went back to look for it on the Economist website I couldn't find it again. If any of you come across the ad (ugly and inconspicuous but unmissable placement on the right side) please share a link in the comments.
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Aug 23, 2013

Is Big Data going to affect creativity in advertising – looks like it!

We creative people already have to contend with Research and now here comes Big Data. Being a creative person, I won’t be able to demystify Big Data for you, but I can give you a rough and ready idea. Big Data is the massive amounts of information gathered from a variety of electronic sources (even video and audio recordings come under the purview of Bid data).

However, it broadly be divided into two chunks - internal information of large organizations consisting of intranets, emails, documents, chat messages, logged data and others, and the other chunk is made up of any kind of chatter about a brand in all social media and sharing websites.

The first chunk from within organizations doesn’t really affect creativity though it might have a big impact on the marketing strategy. The second chunk, however, could.

If you have a campaign running on TV or in newspapers or on the Internet, and there is some bad chatter about it, through Big Data decoding you might get to hear about it very quickly. And you know how easy it is for someone somewhere to get offended by something they have seen somewhere and write about it.

After a short period of time, when you redo the campaign and make it safer, and it still generates negative chatter, then you might hear about it very very quickly.

You can go on fixing it and making it safer etc. etc. but this is just me imagining about a possible scenario. There are already people out there who are doing this all the time, analyzing Big Data and altering the communication according to it.

It can bring out brilliant opportunities, and result in a first mover killer communication, and it can also kill off good creative ideas.

I guess only when the Cloud over Big Data clears will we really know ;)

Apr 21, 2013

Why have policemen stopped helping us and started victimising us.

In the recent ghastly and inhuman incident concerning the five year old who was brutally raped, the police tried to shut up the parents of the child by paying them Rs. 2000. They also caused many hours of delay that would have been medically crucial for the little girl who was attacked by the beast. Then one of the senior policemen slapped a woman who was protesting police apathy in the above incident. In the Nirbhaya rape where a young woman was so horribly brutalised that her intestines came out, the police were equally, frighteningly insensitive and scary.

Today, policemen are feared as much as the twisted remorseless criminals they are supposed to keep at bay. Policemen have begun to victimise us. Buy why?

What have we done to them? And why us? Why not reserve that kind of behavior only for criminals?

I hear and read about incidents almost every day of how the police refused to register an FIR, harassed the victim (recently a 10 year old girl who had been raped was locked up in a police station for a few days, because her parents dared to approach that particular police station after their child had been raped), beat up peaceful protesters, asked for money etc. etc.

Policemen are literally turning against helpless common people. However, at the same time if someone is rich or important, they are giving them special preferential treatment.

But why?

Could it be that all of mankind is becoming meaner, harsher and less human with every passing day, or does it have to do with the low wages, insufficient numbers and bad working conditions of the police force? It could even be that dealing day in and day out with criminals and inhuman people have made the policemen inhuman themselves. Could it be that every good thing that policemen try to do just boomerangs, and gets them more and more frustrated? Could politicians be forcing policemen to act against their will, to the point that they just give in completely and become bad people?

It could be all of these reasons, but the important thing is why is it being allowed to happen at all?

If for some reason policemen are becoming more of a menace than a service, then it needs to change.

Can the media start talking about how to change the core of the police force, so that they can be saviors instead of terrorisers?  We can't sit back and blame the police for everything, something has to give. Something needs to be fixed and we need to go and find that something and fix it.

Maybe we can start with the problems that policemen are facing. Let’s bring their problems to the fore and try to solve them. If the police system improves, policemen will be better human beings.

Let’s start with something. Really, we can’t let this happen to us, not in this day and age…