Dec 13, 2012

Difference between a Build-Great-Brands client and a Save-My-Ass client!

This one is for all the creative folks who are struggling to get some good work out!!

Oct 2, 2012

Types of content and what they are about!

Here's another infographic that is quite interesting, and I am sharing. It tell you about the different types of content around and what each kind can do for your brand, and what it takes to create each type and how much effort is needed by your TA to engage with it. Great stuff!

Sep 9, 2012

Arjun, Arjunah



Where is God asks Ivan

Aug 17, 2012

Marketing is changing drastically, the olde marketing ways are dead, traditional advertising is dead and buried, mass media is going to fade away... WTF?

Let's get one thing clear right away, I am not a marketing expert. I am a person who is keenly interested in advertising and therefore also in marketing.

That said, I can fearlessly begin with this potentially completely flawed post on what is happening with marketing these days.

Let me begin with why I am writing this post. It’s because I have come across way too many pieces of online and offline communication about what this post's headline talks about - Marketing is changing drastically, the olde marketing ways are dead, traditional advertising is dead and buried, mass media is going to fade away.... These messages, posts, articles, videos, comments, tweets… have been crowding my mind without quite forming any kind of tangible picture.

So I thought I should try and get a clear picture in my head (to the extent that is possible) by writing about it.

The basic discussions seems to be about the fact that it is no longer relevant to broadcast your message, now your message has to be discovered and shared.

The reason being that now nearly the entire planet is on the Internet, and nearly everyone is searching the Internet for information, reviews, tweets, posts, Facebook comments and such, to gather information before choosing a particular product or service.

That is absolutely correct. However, back when the Internet wasn’t there, whenever possible we used to ask friends and if we knew one, even experts, before choosing a product or a service. Now, this is happening on a much wider scale and everyone is doing it. Therefore it is a very very important factor to consider when marketing your brand. OK, got it loud and clear!

Now, social media is enabling groups of people to broadcast their message far and wide without spending any money on media - Twitter, Facebook, Google+ et al. 

And it has brought down Governments. 

Wow that’s amazing. However, can a brand do something like that, very doubtful. No brand can have a

Jul 31, 2012

Why don't passenger airplanes have giant emergency parachutes built into them?

It doesn't sound impossible, nor will it need new technology. Hey, I have no idea at all about exactly what size and number of parachutes will be needed to keep a passenger aircraft  afloat, but it does seem plausible.

If we take a smaller private jet, I think it can have a built in safety parachute system, for emergencies. And with safety being the most important factor why not manufacture smaller planes with this safety mechanism built into them.

Just a thought that I wanted to share with you all :)

Do put in a comment if you know why it can or cannot happen!

And finally someone was good enough to share some pretty good information on it, thanks 'Anonymous' for the link from Yahoo Answers UK, here it is -  

OR click here to go directly to the link!

Feb 23, 2012

Bird Checklist for Yamuna Biodiversity Park

The Birds Checklist for Yamuna Biodiversity Park!

Yamuna Biodiversity Park
Jharoda Majra (Near Village Jagatpur)
Wazirabad, Delhi
Tel: +91 11 2761 6569

1.                               Alexandrine Parakeet
2.                               Ashy Prinia
3.                               Ashy Wood Swallow
4.                               Asian Koel
5.                               Asian paradise Flycatcher
6.                               Asian Pied Startling
7.                               Bank Myna
8.                               Bar-headed Geese
9.                               Barn Owl
10.                           Barn Swallow
11.                           Baya Weaver
12.                           Bay-backed Shrike
13.                           Black Bittern
14.                           Black Drongo
15.                           Black Ibis
16.                           Black Kite
17.                           Black Redstart
18.                           Black-breasted Weaver
19.                           Black-crowned Night Heron
20.                           Black-headed Gull
21.                           Black-headed Munia
22.                           Blackrumped Flameback Woodpecker
23.                           Black-shouldered Kite
24.                           Black-winged Stilt
25.                           Bluethroat

Feb 10, 2012

The Big Bird Day was a surprise, Ranjit Lal was a bigger surprise and the snake capturing was the final surprise!!
Birding at Yamuna Biodiversity Park on 5th Feb, 2012.

The plan was to set out from Noida at 7.30 am. We set out at 7.45 am, excellent by any standards. We took just 20 minutes to reach the Yamuna Biodiversity Park (YBP) as there was hardly any traffic. A note for others who go to YBP, when you see the first road sign proclaiming ‘Yamuna Biodiversity Park’ and see a bridge over the ‘nallah’ on your right, leave that one, and move ahead. Within 200-250 meters, you will see another small bridge across the ‘nallah’ and a similar road sign. This is the one you should take, and for that you need to go down the road for some distance and take a U-turn. Then go straight down the bridge and along the straight road till after about 200 meters you see YBP to your left. By the way, the first bridge takes you to the same Jagatpur area but you have to follow a very narrow and bumpy service road along the ‘nallah’ to reach the other bridge and then turn right, therefore better to take the second bridge after the U-turn.

Phew! Direction instructions over, now I can get down to the actual birding experience. Me and an office colleague Koushik had planned this trip for Saturday, but I wasn’t able to make it, so we went the next day, Sunday. When we reached YBP, Dr. A K Singh, with whom I had spoken to the previous evening, was at the gate. The first thing he said was, “Will you wait for the Big Bird Day group?”.

I literally jumped with joy as did my friend, because we had no clue that it was the Big Bird Day (the day every year, when a bird count happens all across Delhi’s main birding areas). Of course we waited, and soon met up with at least 20 birders, and amongst them a well known birder Dr. Oswal.  However, at the helm of things was Dr. Faiyaz A. Khudsar, scientist in-charge of YBP. A very impressive person who quickly handed out bird-lists for YBP and started to mobilise the birding forces. He quickly and efficiently organised everyone into 3 groups. I and Koushik got attached to a group that would go through all the wooded areas, and would have three other birders and a guide from YBP, Mr. Mohan.

The Big Bird Day walk in progress, Mohan is right in front.

As we started to walk, I enthusiastically pointed out an Indian Koel hiding between the branches of a tree, and wondered who the three people with us were. Mohan, a wonderful naturalist and person,  started to spot birds with great expertise, as we began our walk. A short , bespectacled slightly elderly gentleman with us, was making quite amusing remarks about the birds. He described one as wont to do a lot of make-up, especially with the lipstick. We were looking at the red-crested pochard which is found only in the YBP in the Delhi region. As I peered through the binocs I did notice that they looked like they had applied quite a bit of red lipstick.

A Red Crested Pochard, this photo is from the
FlevoBirdwatching site, specifically from this page - 

At one point, to make some conversation, I asked one of the birders, a tall pepper haired person, if Dr. Oswal the well known birder was in the other group. He said, yes, and then he said, “There’s a famous birder amongst us too…”.

As I wondered who it was, he pointed at the short bespectacled gentleman and said, “That’s Ranjit Lal”.