Nov 13, 2008

An art-ilosophical question!

For someone who wants to paint free, i.e. without any motive of greatness, money, fame or ego-satisfaction, will it be better to:

1) Paint what he/she wants to do momentarily with speed and quick results


2) Paint with great deliberation and great attention to detail so as to perfectly recreate the image inside his/her head.

The question being if one paints with great effort and attention to detail, is one bound by the fineness of the painting, thus making one an 'un-free' painter.

All comments and answers from anyone, are very welcome!



  1. Sanjeev, this one is easy. if you want to paint free - as you say - then you have already answered the question.

    the rest of the question only indicates that you indeed are not ready to paint free!....

    just paint dude...paint as you want to NOT as you have to.


  2. That was a great answer, thanks Amitabh for putting your mind to it.

  3. I agree with Amitabh; however YOU want to paint, is "painting free"; "quick", "deliberation" and "detail" -- you are free to choose any or all of them. Free is the choice you make.

    I like your work and your style

    George Polley, Sapporo, Japan

  4. Dear George,

    Such simple and beautiful wisdom as yours is rare and to be cherished. Honoured to know that you liked my blog, thank you for the comment.

    Warm regards,