Apr 21, 2013

Why have policemen stopped helping us and started victimising us.

In the recent ghastly and inhuman incident concerning the five year old who was brutally raped, the police tried to shut up the parents of the child by paying them Rs. 2000. They also caused many hours of delay that would have been medically crucial for the little girl who was attacked by the beast. Then one of the senior policemen slapped a woman who was protesting police apathy in the above incident. In the Nirbhaya rape where a young woman was so horribly brutalised that her intestines came out, the police were equally, frighteningly insensitive and scary.

Today, policemen are feared as much as the twisted remorseless criminals they are supposed to keep at bay. Policemen have begun to victimise us. Buy why?

What have we done to them? And why us? Why not reserve that kind of behavior only for criminals?

I hear and read about incidents almost every day of how the police refused to register an FIR, harassed the victim (recently a 10 year old girl who had been raped was locked up in a police station for a few days, because her parents dared to approach that particular police station after their child had been raped), beat up peaceful protesters, asked for money etc. etc.

Policemen are literally turning against helpless common people. However, at the same time if someone is rich or important, they are giving them special preferential treatment.

But why?

Could it be that all of mankind is becoming meaner, harsher and less human with every passing day, or does it have to do with the low wages, insufficient numbers and bad working conditions of the police force? It could even be that dealing day in and day out with criminals and inhuman people have made the policemen inhuman themselves. Could it be that every good thing that policemen try to do just boomerangs, and gets them more and more frustrated? Could politicians be forcing policemen to act against their will, to the point that they just give in completely and become bad people?

It could be all of these reasons, but the important thing is why is it being allowed to happen at all?

If for some reason policemen are becoming more of a menace than a service, then it needs to change.

Can the media start talking about how to change the core of the police force, so that they can be saviors instead of terrorisers?  We can't sit back and blame the police for everything, something has to give. Something needs to be fixed and we need to go and find that something and fix it.

Maybe we can start with the problems that policemen are facing. Let’s bring their problems to the fore and try to solve them. If the police system improves, policemen will be better human beings.

Let’s start with something. Really, we can’t let this happen to us, not in this day and age…


  1. Thank you for such an insightful piece. My heart breaks with the inhumanity, perhaps from opposite sides of the planet.. In rising up and taking a stand we will see change for all children. I believe.

  2. Hey thanks for your wonderful comment, it is really absurd that people here are afraid to approach the police...