Jan 9, 2014

Dude, where’s my soul?

Every new generation that comes along is getting more materialistic. As a natural consequence, the world is becoming a colder place.

The bonfires of kind people are getting further and further apart. Not because people are not kind and good anymore, but because kindness and goodness seem to be old fashioned (#kindness needs to trend on twitter). Well, kindness may go out of fashion, materialism may go out of fashion, the internet may go out of fashion, but dudes, the soul will stay.

In this whole shebang of digital, connected, gizmo, smart, apps, brands et al, we are all forgetting our souls, those invisible unknowable entities that speak through our conscience. The young have to remember that they are not here just to make money and buy things, they are here to live happy fulfilling lives (and there’s no real happiness if your soul ain’t happy).

So dude, ask yourself every once in a while, hey where’s my soul?

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