Feb 7, 2014

An enormous admirable effort, if only it could be tweaked a bit!

This is an ad for a spray that relieves throat irritation.

Lary Spray Man Ad

The concept is fab, the twist of ‘weak si goli’ (a play of words on the Hindi television ad about the ‘Vicks ki goli’ – translation is ‘the Vicks lozenge’, with ‘weak si goli’ translating to a ‘weak lozenge’) is awesome but I felt that somehow the message got a little lost in the craft.

The part where the gothic opera heightens the effects of the ‘goli’ should have been brought down a couple of notches. It creates a very potent audio burr that takes away from what comes afterwards. The punch line and the greater effectiveness of Lary Spray gets weakened. And a voice over that is indistinct further adds to this. They are saying ‘weak si goli’ so they should say it loud and clear, not half-heartedly hidden away.

This is such a lovely effort, if only it could be tweaked a little bit. The over-dramatization of the effects of the cough lozenge brought down a few notches, the voice over made clearer and the product demo given a teeny weeny bit more space. Of course, as always, this is just my opinion and I could be totally wrong :)

I have become an enormous fan of enormous, the ad agency that made the ad, though!

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