Mar 3, 2014

How to reach Aravalli Biodiversity Park in Vasant Vihar

The route is very simple, however we made the mistake of trying to follow the GPS route shown by Google Maps, and that was our undoing.

We ended up inside a very crowded part of Delhi with a tiny motorable road hemmed in by small shops and closely packed single-room homes, with water buckets, wares, furniture and children spilling over into the path of our car. Hence I thought I should make it easier for you.

I am taking out the crazy up and down, zig-zag, and u-turning we did for 45 minutes while following the GPS directions.

How to reach Aravalli Biodiversity Park, Vasant Vihar:

We approached the Aravalli Biodiversity Park from the Ring Road. First we took a turn at Bhikaji Cama Place towards Safdarjung Enclave/DLTA Courts/IIT. We went down that road till we reached the T-point under the flyover. There we took a right to get on to the Outer Ring Road.

We left the first left and looked for the main road into Vasant Vihar that leads straight to Modern School along the Poorvi Marg.

You will pass this marketplace on your left just before the turning.

This is the sign-board you see the moment you take the right turn.

This is the hidden signboard after you take the turning.

You will see Modern School to your right, somewhere along this road.

Just keep going straight down the road, till you reach this crossing. Notice there is a market to your right.

Keep going on the Poorvi Marg, till you see the Air India Colony on your left.

And that brings you to the main gate of the Aravalli Biodiversity Park.

Here is further confirmation that you are at the right place. To your left just before the entry to the park is this taxi stand.

As you enter, you may meet this affable Guard (we met him when we were leaving).

As you can see it was a foggy morning.

Being on the flying path of planes landing at the international airport, we saw some of them from up-close. At one point the air around us began to flicker and it felt like there was electricity in the air. We both (me and my colleague and bird photographer Koushik Bhattacharya) stood still, quite amazed by what was happening. The fog prevented us from seeing anything, but we figured it out. Super-sonic fighter jets were streaking overhead, creating a strange aural experience.

There was a profusion of Peacocks.

Caught the morning dew on wires.

And a wooden wolf-head.

A lone Rufous Tree-pie turned its back on us.

The gate looked much livelier when we were leaving.

Hope you found this useful.

Here’s the map from the Aravalli Biodiversity Park’s official website. It may help.

You can write to me at sanjeev (dot) saikia (at) gmail (dot) com if you want the email ID of the scientist in-charge of the park Mr. M Shah Hussain. He will be able to give special permission to go on the nature trails (which remain locked otherwise) if you are interested.

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