Apr 27, 2009

Portrait of Vincent Van Gogh

Title: Portrait of Vincent Van Gogh
Medium: Ink on bond paper
Size: 10" X 8"
Date of creation: 2009 April


  1. This is quite thought provoking. I remember a similar one done with oils on canvas which was more peaceful, I think

  2. Yes Sunray, this one seems to have more layers, disorder and energy in it...

    Good observation, thanks for the comment.


  3. All of your work is very unique, I enjoy the minimalism of some of your oils & acrylics as well as the "disorder & energy" of the ink & paper!

  4. Thanks so much Azure! And Potent, if you look at the central portion of this drawing, you will see a face, it is my interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh, as he had painted himself in 1889. He thought he looked calm in it, but actually he had painted himself with haunted eyes that held back uncontrollable emotions and powerful feelings... he was at the asylum in Saint-Rémy at that time