Apr 7, 2009

Spare Sparrows

Title: Spare Sparrows
Medium: Black Pen on bond paper
Size: 10" X 8"
Date of creation: 2009 April


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  2. i love love this one!

    i really like that you offer no explanation other than the picture and its title.

  3. Hey Jess,

    You've hit the nail on the head... I didn't want to explain because I wanted that the picture with its title should allow the viewer to interpret it in her/his own way.

    To tell you the truth Spare Sparrows has an environmental/wildlife conseration message behind it. I bird watch so that pair of trousers with a notebook is probably me, and of course it is an established fact that sparrows are disappearing from most metros and that is why 'Spare Sparrows' ('cos there aren't enough left for any spare ones), sorry for giving an explanation, I couldn't help it... LOL

    Thanks for liking it, am devouring your tasty blog right now :)