Oct 7, 2013

The huge Twenty Four Seven Convenience Store ad that you can’t see!

Many clients feel that if they have paid for space in a newspaper or on a website, they have to use each and every bit of it fully and completely. And what better way to use the space than to make your logo big, bigger and biggest.

This Twenty Four Seven Convenience Store ad that I saw today in the newspaper made its logo so large and filled its ad with so many things that you don’t actually see it, unless you really focus on it and make an effort. They filled it with big illustrations, loads of information, bright colours and everything that they could pack into the space that they had bought, so that you ended up with a piece of communication that, well couldn't be seen.

The only thing that I noticed when I saw the ad first was this alien like illustration of a man owl in festival clothes. But then after seeing it a few times (because I was so intrigued by its absurdity) I realised that they are a man owl and woman owl because the logo of Twenty Four Seven is an owl.

Then I also noticed that they had written about their ‘Operational stores’ signifying that several of the stores are non-operational… who would like to go to such stores!!

So if you want to make a high impact ad that your viewers won’t actually be able to see, make one just like this one.

Please note that all this is just my opinion and I may be totally wrong J

1 comment:

  1. I agree and the logo is LOUD. Way in your face.
    The Man and the Women Owls are useless.
    Instead of Operational stores they could have said "Our locations"
    The thing I liked abt the ad are the perfect font size of e-mail and phone number. Not too loud and clearly visible.