Oct 5, 2013

US shutdown after 17 years - SHOCKING! Indian parliament loses 42% time in pandemonium – NORMAL!

The Lok Sabha, the august gathering of India’s elected leaders and parliamentarians, which discusses and passes bills and amendments, spends most of its time in pandemonium and adjournments. The speaker of the House Meira Kumar, a relatively gentle lady, spends most of her time pleading to the honourable parliamentarians to ‘please sit down… please sit down’, ‘please quiet down… please quiet down’, ‘your turn will come… your turn will come’, ‘sit down… sit down… sit down’.

Many people watch the Lok Sabha live telecast as it is more entertaining than the most popular television serials.

And please note this is not an opinion, here is an article from a leading Indian daily the Indian express that has all the ‘normal’ numbers of how much time the Indian Parliament actually spends in doing productive work. You will be shocked!

Read it here - Parliament disruptions and more disruptions...

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