Jan 15, 2010

An accident that happened today morning.

I was waiting at a traffic light. The lights turned green. Cars from the opposite side were still trying to muscle their way through. I moved my car ahead. Suddenly there was a screeching sound. I stopped my car, and saw to my right, a scooterist had applied sudden brakes and had skidded. Scooter and scooterist were lying on the road. I rushed out as did other people nearby.

She was a girl, maybe just out of college, dazed and limping. I was distraught, and helped her to my car. An elderly lady in the car behind me came by to assist.

I asked the girl if she was alright. Holding back tears, with a shocked look on her face, she said, “I have to give an exam… a very important exam.”

I immediately took her to my car, drove to the side of the road, and asked her to just calm down. She took a few minutes to calm herself, then I offered her some water. She had a quick look at her leg and realized that it had only been grazed. The pain reduced and she said she was ready to go on ahead.

I and the elderly lady helped her to the scooter. She tried to start it, but it wouldn’t start. A man on a bike came forward and tried to start it. I told the girl that I could take her to the exam venue in my car, but she was sure that she wanted to go on her scooter.

After a few minutes, the scooter came to life. I advised the girl to drive carefully and reach safely. She managed a wan smile and putting on her helmet (which along with her thick jacket had actually prevented any injury), she drove off slowly.

I thanked God that no one got hurt, and headed towards my office.

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