Jan 5, 2010

The incredible awesome fantabulous Guardian System as seen on Oprah

I came across something that appears to be a really beautiful con job. A system that claims that by paying just $10 through paypal, you will be able to get $40,000 in your pay pal account.

In a nutshell you get an email with five email addresses in it. Pay $5 to the pay pal account of the first and the last email addresses, and then delete the first email address and add your email address as the fifth. Make sure you at least get 20 responses (I didn’t understand how that happens).

In no time at all you will have thousands and thousands of dollars pouring in into your pay pal account. And the email will tell you that it has been proved on the Oprah show and approved by Oprah. Sound so plausible and logical doesn’t it! Damn, I wish I had thought of this and had made my thousands with just a few dollars.

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