Jan 17, 2010

My understanding of finance and investments…

Is sub sub normal. Sad but true, I am unable to bring my mind to grasp the workings of finance and of investments and good returns and other such things. Thankfully people around me are much smarter in such things so I get by, but the fallout is that when someone who is financial-knowledge-ally good comes by, I am over awed.

Just today we met a person who showed me how to get together a good deal of money that I needed, from my very own investments. I was amazed and struck by the finesse with which he discussed loans against LIC, and PPF and only 0.5% default loss for breaking 3 year lock-in periods etc etc. Wow he was a genius, and I was totally floored.

I felt that I should gift him something for imparting such profound and immensely helpful knowledge. My near and dear ones stopped me in the nick of time, as the gentleman giving us advice would have felt offended if I had actually done that.

But the fact remains that I am amazed by people who understand finance and investments and returns and the intricacies of making money through calculations, interest rates et al.


  1. Great blog with some interesting posts. This one caught my eye and made me want to comment. Whoever it was that awed you with their financial knowledge probably went to school for a few years and was spoon fed theories of the markets, supply and demand, risk versus return and a few calculations. Before you hand over you money make sure you understand that all of his/her hocus-pocus is based on past information, trying to extrapolate what has happened forward to what will happen, something that is impossible, I tried writing about it awhile back based on a book called the Black Swan See you around!

  2. Hey Shane thanks for the advice, I checked the person out, he's from a Govt. bank so there's no misleading involved... your post was really heavy duty stuff, and your discussions made my head reel, quite somthing... take care Sanjeev