Jan 3, 2010

It’s an immaterial world.

The constant race for more is getting on my nerves. It is assaulting my senses and deafening my ears, and I am helpless under its intense glare.

A gaudier car, a bigger house, a newer gadget, well... a newer gadget can be forgiven because it can be the result of a genuine passion for gadgets. However the more regular show of the human race, in their race to outpace their fellow beings, is sad to behold.

And guess what I am in the eye of this material storm. This storm that is engulfing the whole world, that is threatening to destroy the earth as we know it. I feel bound by strong chains that tie me to this mindless race, and I strain to break free, only to find newer chains coiling themselves around me.

Yet in the middle of this terrible storm, I am calm, for I know that the world is immaterial. It is a vision that is real, but a vision none the less.

So, take it easy, slow down, smell the flowers, watch the birds and enjoy being a voyager on this trip across the sun, on a still beautiful planet.

It is an immaterial world we live in, and we must make the most of it.

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  1. Khaali haath aaye hain, khaali haath jaana hai.
    do ur karma. heaven is still vacant (in ur Ads of the World blog, u have shown "Heaven is full, No need to be nice").