Jan 8, 2010

Why I stopped being Amir Khan.

My greed for twitter followers drove me to create a twitter account called AmirKhanTweets (after the megastar Amir Khan who recently broke all records with his film ‘3 idiots!’). Super.

I followed a krao so that it looked like Amir was following his wife Kiran. Great. I followed a few celebrities so that it looked like Amir was consorting with his equals. Excellent.

I sent a few oblique messages like ‘I am hoping the Chetan Bhagat controversy gets over amicably’ and others. Wunnerful. I got a few followers after a few days. Super again.

Then I got a DM (Direct Message for twitterignoramuses) ‘I am a great fan of yours sir’. Uh oh… Then I got another DM ‘Sir it is an honour to be sending you a message’. And I immediately deleted the account.

Why? Because I do not like to manipulate, influence or con people. Period. And these people were believing that they were talking to the real Amir… ughhh that was mega cheating. So I stopped being Amir Khan. (please don’t ask me why I started with this entire thing in the first place, I don’t know)

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