Jan 11, 2010

Blood, sweat, pain, rudeness, gore, filth and Sherlock Holmes.

From the dreary colours that dominate the film, to the dismal settings, Sherlock Holmes is a delight for those who like it hard, like it raw. That includes me.

When you remember Jeremy Brett from the BBC Sherlock Holmes series, then Robert Downey Jr comes across as a filthy, rude and physical version of what good Sir Arthur Conan Doyle must have visualized him to be. But hats off to Guy Ritchie, I loved Sherlock the way he was in the film. I wouldn’t have minded another mano e mano fight situation where Sherlock uses his incredible genius to smash the baddy to a pulp. Yeah…

Overall I was very happy, I just think the storyline was slightly weak, but there is great potential for a sequel which weaves physical violence with a sharp typical Arthur Conan Doyle story, and delivers with devastating effect.

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