Jan 13, 2010

Driving through three states to reach the workplace.

First through the colony roads, then through the toll bridge across the river that separate the first two states. Then through a maze of roads that pass through colonial parts of the city. Then next to the domestic and international airports. Then through the toll plaza separating the second and the third states. Finally through a meandering road that goes through a residential colony and then under the metro rail, and into the building where the workplace resides.

A long day of work begins after a plethora of traffic offenders, vehicles cutting in front of yours, irresponsible people stopping traffic, cows wandering onto the roads, two-wheelers that cut across the road, traffic policemen who take sadistic pleasure in making vehicles wait and other daily events.

Then a long day turns into a tired evening... and then 'Tan Ta Ra'... the drive back to the home place. Yeah… bring it on baby!

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